Thursday, April 12, 2012

Foreclosure Resource

Many South Florida homeowners are facing the prospect of an impending foreclosure or are in the midst of one. Going online to research your options can become an overwhelming task, as website after website is filled with information that is not necessarily reliable.

If you have been served with a foreclosure you should immediately seek the counsel of a qualified foreclosure defense and bankruptcy attorney that can guide you through the litigation process. Failure to do so will waive many rights that you have to defend yourself.

I want to highlight an excellent website that can explain all of the options that are available to the homeowner that is in foreclosure or is expecting that one might be filed soon. was created by Fannie Mae and clearly and simply explains all of the different options that a homeowner has. A highlight is the simulation video that allows one to experience first-hand what steps a homeowner can take in order to work things out in their favor.

As always, seek the counsel of a qualified foreclosure defense and bankruptcy attorney because no matter what you might be working out with your bank, those communications do not guarantee that they are not actively moving forward with your foreclosure and working towards selling your property. We have seen many instances in which homeowners have been blindsided by the sale of their property because they were in contact with the bank and thought they were in a program to work out their loan.

If the bank has made you an offer that requires you to sign a new agreement, have a qualified attorney review it in order to ensure that all the terms are as you understand them to be. 

I hope you find this website informative. 

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